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10th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Harvey's

Yesterday marked the 10th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Harvey's Brewery.

HM The Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh visited us on their greatly celebrated Sussex Tour in 2013, and we are honoured to be one of only three breweries to have received them. Her Late Majesty mashed a brew of her own “Elizabethan Ale”, originally brewed for her Coronation in 1953,  and their visit included a tour of the Brewhouse, plus racking and bottling lines. The Queen then signed the brewing journal for the day and met with members of staff.

Read more about the visit here.

As a mark of respect, the final 'Elizabethan Ale' was brewed in 2022, with a special edition produced in collaboration with Sussex winery, Court Garden. This was limited to 1200 bottles and is Harvey's lasting tribute to a much-loved monarch.

This special brew recently won a Gold award from the British Bottlers' Institute.

Miles Jenner, Head Brewer at Harvey's Brewery, expressed:"It is incredible to think that a decade has passed since Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the brewery. It remains a very proud moment for us all and a highlight in the company’s history. The anxieties of the day were greatly relieved by an enthusiastic text we received enquiring whether it was true that Her Majesty had reached the top of our two-year waiting list for a brewery tour. We believe that Harvey’s ‘Elizabethan Ale’ was the only brew she mashed during her long reign. A permanent plaque marks the spot."

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