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From solar panels to locally-sourced produce, we aim to do our bit to create a sustainable environment.

Harvey's have always and continue to be aware of the need to create an environmentally stable business. Many factors that contribute to our green credentials are traditional production methods and local partnerships that have been inherent in the brewing industry for many years.

It is our responsibility to be as environmentally conscious as possible for the local and wider community, and to provide sustainability for future generations. We welcome all suggestions that will help us in expanding our ongoing strategies in this area.


  • Being a gravity fed brewery saves energy as we are not constantly using pumps to run our brewing process
  • Energy saving devices such as our heat exchanging paraflows minimise the boiling of water from cold for mashing.
  • We brew with steam
  • We source equipment carefully, only looking to replace when items needed and with materials that are robust and will provide long term gains


We are producing a beer tailored to a regional tastes and have done since the 1950s. This is a key component as to why we source our ingredients close to home, as well as saving on shipping miles.

  • All of our hops are from the UK, particularly Sussex, Kent and Surrey
  • We use water that has been filtered through the South Downs for 30 years and is pumped up from a 60ft well in the brewery
  • Our malt is sourced from Maltsters in East Anglia (which is more economical in food miles than using Sussex barley as this would still need to be sent off further afield to be malted)
  • Our spent hops are distributed to local nurseries such as Barcombe Organic Nursery, to be used as mulch and fertilizer
  • Our spent grains are taken away to local farms and agriculture, such as Plumpton College, who estimate 2.5 million litres of milk can be attributed to our grains per annum.


  • We are the only UK Brewer to still be using returnable bottles. Though we understand it may not always be possible for all customers to return them to use directly, we estimate that our bottles will journey 4 or 5 trips in and out of the Brewery in a lifespan.
  • All of our casks and kegs are returned, washed and reused
  • We provide and encourage the reuse of paper bags in our brewery shop
  • We encourage the re-use of our 4 and 8 pint containers in our brewery shop.
  • We only use Biodegradable packing filler in items shipped from our online shop
  • Only Biodegradable cups are used at Harvey's events (sourced from BioPack)
  • We are in the process of guaranteeing all the straws used in the Harvey's Pub Estate are Biodegradable
  • Harvey's Brewery staff have been issued with their own water bottles to save on the use of one-trip glass and plastic


  • We have 544 Solar Panels on our Depot roof. The panels generate an estimated 92,000kWhs of electricity a year, with any surplus feeding back into the local grid.
  • Between 2011 - 2021 we've saved 811225kg of Carbon the equivalent of 115.8 African Bush Elephants! (statistics provided by our partners OVESCO)


  • We use a majoritively emission reducing fleet of vehicles. Some of our vintage vehicles, such as Florrie the Lorry, are only used for special events.
  • Our own vehicle distribution is within a 75 mile radius of the Brewery


  • We are proud to employ a local skilled workforce to conduct maintenance on the Brewery site and Pub Estate, consisting of many trades including Plumbers, Carpenters, and Electricians.
  • We approximate 70% of the entire Harvey's team reside within a 10 mile radius of the Brewery. 

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