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Introducing Sisters Table Beer and Refreshed Dark Mild Designs

Harvey’s Brewery is thrilled to announce the unveiling of refreshed designs within its esteemed beer range, featuring enhancements to Dark Mild and the introduction of Sisters Table Beer.

Dark Mild, recently awarded the prestigious title of Champion Mild of Britain, now boasts a captivating new look. Adorned with a rich russet brown hue and featuring the striking XX motif, this design pays homage to the traditional XX stamps used in our brewery to denote the strength of the beer. We are confident that this updated presentation will further elevate the Dark Mild brand, enticing more drinkers to savour its exceptional taste.

In an exciting development, Harvey’s Brewery is proud to introduce Sisters Table Beer, formerly known as Harvey’s IPA, which will be included in their new core range line-up. This rebrand is a tribute to the remarkable women who have made invaluable contributions to Harvey’s over the years and celebrates our close association with the Seven Sisters. The label prominently features three women, honouring both sets of extraordinary sisters who have played pivotal roles in our company's history: May, Elsie, and Nora Harvey-Smith, as well as Audrey Elder, Joan Saunders, and Eileen Rundle.

The decision to transition to the Table Beer style name is rooted in evolving consumer tastes. Table Beers offer a light, easy-drinking experience with an ABV ranging between 2.8% and 3.8%. This adjustment better aligns Sisters Table Beer with contemporary preferences, while our Wharf IPA continues to cater to those seeking bolder, hoppier flavours.

"We've put in a lot of effort to update these two beers, and we're excited to have them join Harvey’s core range," said Zoë Prescott, Marketing Manager at Harvey’s Brewery. "Dark Mild is an exceptional beer that we knew deserved some extra attention to showcase its qualities, and Sisters Table Beer provided a great opportunity to reposition and celebrate the influential women in Harvey's history. We wanted to make sure our loyal drinkers feel appreciated and ensure these beers get the recognition they merit with a fresh new look that appeals to everyone."

Sisters Table Beer and the revamped Dark Mild will be available in select retailers, pubs, and online and in Harvey’s Brewery Shop starting from May 2024.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Zoë Prescott, Marketing Manager

01273 840480

Download Dark Mild and Sisters imagery here:

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Harvey's Brewery, based in Lewes, boasts a rich history spanning over two centuries. Renowned for its commitment to independence and quality, Harvey's continues to brew in the same Victorian brewhouse using traditional methods, ensuring each sip reflects the brewery's authentic spirit. 

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